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We need more pro-choice lawmakers to fight back against the anti-choice War on Women. That's why NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC endorses pro-choice champions and challengers in federal races across the country.

Preview of the Trump/Pence Administration

Donald Trump says women should be punished for having abortions. And he's found a VP just as extreme as he is in Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. We partnered with American Bridge to show just how dangerous their administration would be.

Trump Squad Goals

Donald Trump and his squad have the same dangerous positions on reproductive freedom. Find out who's in Trump's squad and what they plan >>

Won't. Vote. Trump.

Donald Trump's worldview is one where women are unequal to men, and he lacks the fundamental character and temperament necessary to lead our country. Join people across the political spectrum and take the pledge that you won't vote Trump >>

2016 Endorsed Candidates

NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC is proud to endorse these candidates who support reproductive freedom >>

News & Updates

NARAL Responds to Pence RNC Remarks

"Mike Pence has proven himself an enemy of women and families."

NARAL and Rep. Barbara Lee Applaud Democratic Party Platform’s Commitment to Protecting and Expanding Abortion Access

NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) released a statement on the Democratic Party platform’s language supporting a woman’s constitutional right to safe and legal abortion.

Want to know more about Mike Pence and reproductive freedom?

Some all-time lows on Mike Pence's anti-choice record (with the alarming record of voting 38 of 38 times in the House against reproductive freedom).

NARAL Responds to Trump's Comments on Landmark Supreme Court Ruling

Three days after the ruling in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstadt, Trump doubled down on his pledge to appoint anti-choice justices to our nation’s highest court.

Why This Dad Is Using Father's Day To Defend Abortion Rights

"Like every dad, I want my children to have equal opportunities in life," says Brad Avakian. That's why he's proud to support reproductive freedom as a Man for Choice and pro-choice candidate.

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