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We need more pro-choice lawmakers to fight back against the anti-choice War on Women. That's why NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC endorses pro-choice champions and challengers in federal races across the country.

Tell Rick Santorum: Women Matter. Trust Women.

Rick Santorum has announced that he's running for president. It may seem hard to believe now, but in 2012 he finished second only to Romney in the Republican primaries. We have to make sure voters across the country know that this anti-choice extremist has a real shot of winning the nomination. Add your name >>

GOP White House Hopefuls Graded on Reproductive Freedom

Find our why every single one of the GOP hopefuls earned an "F" for their positions on reproductive rights. Check out our new website >>

News & Updates

Scott Walker's Relentless Attacks on Reproductive Freedom

Gov. Scott Walker has turned back the clock for Wisconsin women's reproductive rights. And now he wants to be our president?? See what that could mean.

Graham's Abortion Ban is Playing Presidential Politics with Women's Lives

Presidential hopeful Lindsey Graham seeks to bolster his long-shot bid for the White House by introducing a bill that is yet another attack on women's reproductive health.

Scott Walker Thinks Doctors Should Lie to Women

We all rely on doctors to give us accurate medical information. But Scott Walker thinks doctors should be allowed to lie to women to keep them from choosing abortion.

Hypocrisy Alert: See What Rand Paul Said

How can you tout small government and personal liberty, but then take away major choices that have a huge impact on women’s lives?

Jeb Bush's Support for Organizations that Lie to Women

Jeb Bush funneled tax dollars to support anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers, which lie to and mislead women facing unplanned pregnancies.

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