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We need more pro-choice lawmakers to fight back against the anti-choice War on Women. That's why NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC endorses pro-choice champions and challengers in federal races across the country.

Mail Reaches Voters in Maine and Washington

We're educating voters in Maine about anti-choice Gov. Paul LePage and pro-choice Mike Michaud. In Washington, we're working to turn two state Senate seats pro-choice!

Holding The Denver Post Accountable

The Denver Post compromised its own beliefs when they endorsed Cory Gardner for Colorado's Senate seat. We joined MoveOn Political Action in calling them out. Check out our ad >>

Setting the Record Straight on Gov. Scott Walker

Our new ad calls out Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for his decision to not only push an extreme anti-choice agenda, but to make it a priority above the economic interests of the state. Learn more and watch the ad >>

Television Ads Hit Thom Tillis and Joni Ernst

Our new ads expose the SBA List and link North Carolina Senate candidate Thom Tillis and Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst with Todd "legitimate rape" Akin and Richard "God intended pregnancy through rape" Murdoch.

7 in 10 Campaign

7 in 10 Americans are pro-choice, but anti-choice politicians have overrun congress, governors' seats and state legislatures. Help us elect lawmakers who represent the pro-choice majority's values >>

Endorsed Candidates

Our PAC has endorsed pro-choice champions in Senate, House, and gubernatorial races across the country. See who it has endorsed >>

News & Updates

Why Midterm Elections Matter

Don't let your friends stay home on November 4. Here's why we need every voter to get to the polls.

Share This to Support Mike Michaud

Mike Michaud knows how important it is for women to have access to the reproductive health care they need, and he'll be a champion for Maine women as governor. Share this graphic on Facebook to show your support.

Hulu Calls Ad "Controversial"

Hulu rejected an ad educating Colorado voters about Amendment 67, a ballot measure that could ban abortion and birth control, saying it was "controversial."

Supreme Court Allows Enforcement of Texas Voter ID Law

The Supreme Court is allowing Texas's discriminatory voter ID law to go into effect, which will disenfranchise thousands of voters.

Holding The Denver Post Accountable for Endorsing Gardner

Our ad with MoveOn Political Action called out The Denver Post for endorsing Cory Gardner for Senate against the paper's own policy positions. As the ad says, "Cory Gardner is reckless, extreme, and wrong for Colorado."

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